What is ACTion?

ACTion is an 8-week program for teenagers approximately 13-15 years old.* This program is inspired by Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). ACT is essentially about changing our relationship with thoughts and feelings, so that we stop trying to get rid of the things we can’t change, but instead learn to make room for those nasty thoughts and feelings that have kept us from attaining our goals and living our most meaningful lives. In other words, we hope to teach our participants to “Accept, Choose and Take Action”.

This ACTion group has been created to teach teens how to more effectively deal with change, stress, disappointments, and overwhelming emotions. Teens will learn how to slow down, make more thoughtful decisions, and live in the present with less judgement towards both themselves and others.

This eight-week group is highly interactive and will meet weekly for 1.5 hours (with a short snack break included). It includes training in mindfulness and is delivered in a group psychoeducational format. There will be opportunities for discussion while learning new coping strategies to manage all kinds of adolescent stress. Each week will also include an Art Activity as participants will be using different experiential mediums (e.g., painting, clay) to facilitate their experience of ACT concepts introduced in each session.**

Although we aim to introduce teens to some new ways to respond to their daily stresses, we also hope they will have lots of fun and have an opportunity to make new friends through their participation in the ACTion group.  

*Please inquire regarding participation for your teen if they are outside this recommended age range. We hope to accommodate all interested participants.

**This group is NOT about being a good artist or producing a great piece of work. Art is just another means of healthy expression that permits all teens to express how they feel when/if they just can’t find the words.

 Please contact our clinic to inquire about future sessions.